Oprah Green Tea - They put me in a financial bind. I will have a problem paying bills.

Tampa, Florida 1 comment
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I am totally pissed at being scammed and it has

left me in a financial bind.

These vermin who pray on people for their own gain should be put in jail for life.

Why hasn't Oprah done something about this.

Her name has become a dirty word.

I don't know how whoever is responsible got my checking account number.

I have spread the word to everyone on my e-mail

list and asked them to spread it around.

It is a shame that garbage like these are ecen exist.

I would love to be the one who catches them.

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Duryea, Pennsylvania, United States #17314

They also put me in a bind and I cannot reach them to cancel. I beyond pissed and have cried so much. The BBB cannot find a valid business license for them yet they continue to do business.

Oprah Green Tea - Desperate to end this scam

Phoenix, Arizona 0 comments

My husband orderd the oprah green tea also, and we cant stop the shipping, this is our 3rd.month we cant afford it and we dont want this product!!!!

can some one please help us! we need to find out who the scammers are!!! email me please if some one out there can help us please!!! green tea ,llc 1930 village center cir.#3-108 Las Vegas,NV.89134 is there address.

my email address is nani1lop@yahoo.com thank you ! for your undevided attention!

I know were not the only ones with this problem.many are out there just like us!

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